Day 1 - Introduction to Big Write & VCOP

Like the students in our classrooms, we want you to be engaged, excited and leave with a love of writing. What better way to ensure that, than to take you on a voyage into our Big Write & VCOP antics and adventures. Full of laughs, a few tears (from us), and lots of fun, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that it’s one of the best PD’s you have ever been to.

You will leave the day excited, enthused and wanting to race back to your classrooms to play Kung Fu Punctuation, and many other exciting games, with your students.

In this session, we will provide you with all the skills and knowledge that you require to get your classroom and students ready for an engaging writing journey. Presented to you by classroom teachers - who have used the program successfully across multiple year levels - you will become their students for the day, to really understand what a Big Write & VCOP classroom looks and feels like.

We will cover all stages of the program from setting up your classroom, to integration into the literacy block, running the writing session, editing, up-levelling and analysis, goal setting, and touching on assessment and data tracking.

The session runs from 9:00am to 3:30pm. You will be provided with morning tea, lunch, and delegate pack including PowerPoint notes, Australian Criterion Scale and Student Friendly Criterion Scale. However, we ask that you bring a pen and extra note taking materials, as well as your enthusiasm.  

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Day 2 - Assessment & Data Tracking

We understand that there was a lot of information in Day 1, and that we only just touched on assessment so as not to overwhelm you. When you walked away, your focus should have been on setting up your classroom and introducing the program slowly. For that reason, we have started running Day 2, dedicated to Assessment & Data Tracking.

It is imperative that you have not only completed Day 1, but have set up your classroom and started having a go at assessment with the Australian Criterion Scale, (we recommend at least 4-6 months between sessions).

Participants are required to bring 2 photocopies of low, mid, and high assessment pieces from their classrooms which they have assessed using the Australian Criterion Scale, using the moderating template (available on the website in the ‘Downloads’ section).

Day 2 will cover the more intensive Assessment & Data Tracking element of the program for both your classroom and at a school wide tracking level.

In this session, we will reflect on your progress so far, share with you in your celebrations, and seek to help overcome any hurdles you have come across that are preventing you from reaching your goals. From there we are going to model and practise placing children on an appropriate level and discuss why it is important to look at all aspects of the writing piece, and not to pre-judge based on length, handwriting, etc.

The next step is gaining a deeper understanding of the criteria at various levels, so we will be modelling, sharing, and practising on the pieces you have brought in to make it more relevant to your classroom. From this, we will look at goal setting appropriate to moving that child forward.

We will then look at data tracking in your classroom, across your year level, and school wide, showing you different ways of collecting, using, and recording data to ensure it is purposeful.

Of course, during the day we will still suggest and play games and activities that you can take back to your classroom to add to your resource kits. As usual with the Andrell team, you will be guaranteed chocolates and a laugh.

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In-School Modelled Support Days

Support Days are in-school modelling sessions with 1 consultant over a 5 contact hour period (or 2 consultants can be booked if required). Support Days are designed to help guide staff through any areas of concern by working with individuals or teams. They are specifically tailored to suit each school, and as such there are some guidelines to help ensure we can provide the best support for your staff.

As Support Days only require 1 consultant, we can usually accept multiple bookings on the same day. To book, please have a look at our online calendar and map out a few possible date options before contacting the Andrell team via phone or email. For further information and requirements of the booking, please download the ‘Support Days’ document below.

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  • "I like how is was practical, interactive and had demonstrations on what it looks like in action, in a classroom!"

  • "I really enjoyed the day and have a lot to now consider. Both presenters were engaging and explained ideas and info very clearly. Thank you!"

  • "Thank-you, I was WOWed and have LOTS of ideas to go back with. I am EXTREMELY excited to get started."

  • "Fantastic presenters, material delivered in a very assessable way. I was never bored! Very excited to get started with the program!"

  • "It just makes sense!! Looking forward to implementing the program."

  • "So many wonderful activities presented- can’t wait to try them with my deaf students!

  • "Really Inspired by presenters, very impressed by program, engaging presentation."

  • "Looking forward to making a difference, seeing a difference and witnessing growth. Great program."

  • "This is definitely not a program just for primary students, our year 7-9 intervention students are going to benefit SOOO much from this!!"

  • "Fantastic, finally each child is assessed individually. Well done. All the children will love this."

  • "One of the most informative and practical professional development programs I have ever attended. Can use it straight away and can see how it will directly benefit student writing and my teaching."

  • "Has been an extremely worthwhile day for all our staff. Delivery was excellent- supportive balance of instruction and practice. Thanks- was great."